The Republic of Vanuatu will be celebrating its 40th Independence Anniversary on 30 July 2020. The celebrations leading to the Independence Day and the Independence Day itself will be unique and celebrated throughout the whole country with pride. The theme chosen for the 40th Independence Anniversary celebrations is Prosperity for Self-Reliance and a Resilient Future.

The government, provinces, municipalities, the private sector, media, Vanuatu Police Force, churches, communities, chiefs and individuals in Vanuatu and across the world will celebrate the event. The celebrations will be the best ever celebrated since Vanuatu gained independence in 1980.

Honourable Bob Loughman


The Government of Vanuatu is happy and proud of the achievements that all the men, women and children from Vanuatu, including our development partners, did over the last 40 years. The 40th Independence Anniversary is a milestone for us. I am asking everyone from North to South to work together to celebrate our achievements and our 40th Independence Anniversary.

– Hon. Bob Loughman Weibur, Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu

Cherol Ala

I am proud to lead the 40th Independence Anniversary Committee. We are determined to make it a successful and memorable event for all those celebrating throughout Vanuatu and abroad

– Cherol Ala Ianna, , Director General of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Chairlady of the 40th Independence Anniversary Committee .